Xceed Aluminium Security Screen Installation

Starline Security are Brisbane-based security screen installation professionals with over 25 years of experience in the industry. We carry a wide range of security screen options to suit the needs, budget, lifestyle and décor of home and business owners all over Australia, including the Xceed range.

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Why Choose Xceed Aluminium Mesh?

Xceed screens are made of perforated aluminium, which suits some lifestyles more than others. Instead of using intertwined wire like our stainless-steel mesh products, perforated aluminium utilises a single 1.6mm thick sheet of structural aluminium with hundreds of tiny punched holes. Although there’s less visibility and ventilation compared to other options, Xceeds strong perforated aluminium does come with its benefits. It’s stronger than other perforated screens in the market and it’s cheaper than our SecureView marine-grade stainless-steel mesh.

Another reason to choose Xceed is their rivet-less design. Rivets and screws are a weak point that can be easily exploited by an experienced intruder – Xceed have instead adopted 3M’s VHB Adhesive technology, one of the strongest and most flexible adhesives on the market. To prevent against galvanic corrosion, thoughtful design has gone into the spacing between the frame and mesh, too. These characteristics make it a great choice for the Australian coastal lifestyle and other areas in your home where privacy and protection are the main concerns.

  • Protection from the sun and watchful eyes
  • Affordable strong security
  • 7 Year warranty as standard
  • Array of powder-coated colour options
  • No rivets or screws

Corrosion Resistant

Do you live in an Australian suburb close to salt water? Choosing Xceed or SecureView screens are your best option to prevent against corrosion. The Xceed’s all-aluminium design naturally prevents against corrosion completely, but SecureView security screens is also highly corrosion resistant owing to its T316 marine-grade stainless-steel mesh and advanced construction design.


Aluminium Security Screen Grades

There’s more to security screens and doors than just the screen and mesh materials. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide behind the different types of security screen grades we do, so you can make true apples-to-apples comparisons. We like to stress to our customers the importance of buying based on underlying features, not just looks. The difference between a deterrence and a break-in could be a simple upgrade to a triple lock with better hinges.

Xceed Security Screen Installation

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