SecureView Screen Installation Australia


Starline Security is an Australian SecureView Security Screen and Door installation specialist providing high-quality security screen installation, with options tailored to your specific needs. Our team has over 25 years of experience in security screen and door installation and are sure to find the perfect product to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget. SecureView screens are made in our own factory using durable materials, tested to Australian standards and we’re proud to be licenced manufacturers and installers of Commandex’s products.

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SecureView is our top-of-the-range security screen product for Australian homes. It’s Security Grade mesh manufactured from high tensile T316 0.8mm marine-grade woven stainless-steel wire for high tensile strength and durability without ruining your view. With an 11-year warranty as standard, SecureView screens are one of the strongest on the market in terms of both impact and tensile strength. SecureView screen frames are available in powder-coated colours to compliment the window or door frame colour scheme of your home or business. The mesh itself is black.

The T316 marine-grade stainless-steel mesh construction design makes SecureView a fantastic choice in areas prone to corrosion, such as near salt water. Competitors often use 304-grade stainless-steel mesh or even galvanised wire mesh with construction methods that are more prone to corrosion problems. Further, the SecureView design uses no screws or rivets for the greatest structural integrity and corrosion resistance.  SecureView screens can be fixed, hinged or sliding and can be used in many different applications, including:

  • Business premises security
  • Window protection (double-hung, sliding, fixed area, casement, louvre & more)
  • Security screens
  • Patio enclosure protection/awning usage
  • Fire and escape screens
  • Double sliders for casement or other push out windows
  • Pool fencing
  • Security enclosures
  • Overpass safety barriers

For the ultimate secure protection for your windows and glass doors, we recommend pairing SecureView screens with security film installation on your glass.


Understand Security Screen Grading:

We’ve put together a guide so that our customers can make the most accurate apples-to-apples comparison between the different screen options on the market.  Too often, we’ll see a customer select a new security screen that might look fantastic but won’t stand up to a hard impact force or a determined intruder.  When shopping for a Security Grade SecureView screen door, it pays to look for better locking and hinge mechanisms to realise the full capabilities of your new security door. For more information visit our guide to the different types of security screen grades.


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