SecureView Screen Installation Brisbane


For more than 25 years, Starline Security has been at the forefront of security screen and door installation services in Brisbane and surrounding areas in South East Queensland. All our SecureView screens are manufactured in-house in our Acacia Ridge facility, and are favoured by homeowners, builders and commercial business owners alike.

With an experienced team who are committed to providing customers with affordable and reliable security products with transparent service onboard, you can trust Starline Security to assist in protecting your home or business. View the range of products available online today.

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How Can SecureView Screens Protect my Home?

When you choose Starline Security to install security screens on your home, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing you’re providing your property with the best security and fly screens on the market. With almost all of our security screens being manufactured onsite in Brisbane, we can guarantee that every product that leaves our facility is built to the very highest standard of durability, quality and functionality.

By choosing the highest quality materials and components in the assembly of our SecureView screens and employing experienced professional installers for our services in Brisbane, there’s no doubt that your home will be safe and secure when you choose Starline Security.

Created from high tensile T316 0.8mm marine-grade woven stainless steel wire, the security grade mesh we utilise in the creation of our screens is one of the most durable screen materials available on the market. The enhanced durability and stainless-steel construction of this material is suitable for use in properties situated in areas vulnerable to corrosion, such as salt water.

Our screens are also designed to be installed without the need of screws or rivets, making sure that no parts are prone to corrosion as well as providing enhanced structural security. All of our screen frames are available in powder coated colour tones to make sure they don’t clash against the colour scheme of your business or home’s walls, ensuring that the aesthetic value of your Brisbane property isn’t compromised for security.


Contact Starline Security for SecureView Screens on your Brisbane Home

If you require durable security screens for your residential or commercial property, make sure you choose the highest grade available on the market. When you choose Starline Security’s range of SecureView screens to protect your Brisbane home, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing your property will remain safe from intruders and weather alike, protecting your assets and family at all times.

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