How to Measure and Install SecureView French Hinged Door to an Aluminium Build out frame

In this video, we measure and Install a Security Screen to a French Hinged Door.


In this video, we are going to show you how to measure and install a SecureView French Hinged Door to an Aluminium Build Out Frame.


Measure the opening or daylight width from inside the jamb. This door jamb looks to be fairly square with 1748mm across the top, bottom and middle widths. Deduct 17mm and divide by 2 to obtain the manufacturing widths for each door panel.

Img 1 French Door 1

For reference, the deductions are 4mm for the hinges, 2mm for each of the T & G mullions, 2mm for the lock side striker plates and 3mm for the lock centre gap.  The manufactured size widths are 865.5mm

Img 2 G And T Mullion 1

step 2 – Measure the height

Measure the height from the sill to the head. On French Doors, we measure left, middle and right drops and deduct 12mm from the opening size of  2425mm for a manufactured size of 2413mm.

Img 3 French Door 1

step 3 – measure the lock height

Note the lock side and then measure the lock height from the sill to the top of the door handle adding about 30 mm.  The LBB or Lock Box Bottom lock height ordering method is 1175mm.

Img 4 Print

STEP 4 – InstalL the door

After lifting the door into place, fix off the hinges initially only through the middle hole. Repeat the operation with the second door and test the squareness and alignment of the doors. When the door set is square, you can fix off the remaining hinge screws.

Img 7

step 5 – Mark the top flush bolt

Mark the top flush bolt with a sharpie, close the door and move the bolt up. Find the resulting mark and drill multiple times up to an 11.5mm hole size. The aim is for a tight door but a smooth flush bolt operation. This does take some practice to get right.

Img 5 Print Door

step 6 – Align and cut the T Mullion to size

Align and cut the T Mullion to size. Measure from the bottom of the top beading to the top of the flush bolt plate, in this case, 120mm. The measurement from the bottom sill to the top sill bead is 2408mm. 

Img 8

Deduct 3mm for the cut size clearance and fix the T mullion using 10mm countersunk screws top and bottom so these short screws don’t interfere with the flush bolt operation but you can use 25mm screws for the remainder of the length.

STEP 7 – install the lock

To install the lock, attach the lock bodies with the screws provided. Lockwood 8654 locks have a mark on the lock body for the striker placement.  Screw the striker plates in position.  For tight striker plate fitment, countersink the frame first.  Close the door and test the lock.

Img 9

step 8 – Measure The bug strip

The bug strip is measured from the doorstop beading to the edge of the T mullion. Deduct 1 mm for the cut size. Insert the bug strip pile, crimp both ends and fix off with self-tapping screws.

Img 10

STEP 9 – Install a G Mullion

Finish by installing a G Mullion. G mullions add extra strength, frame stiffness and security to french door sets.  Mirror the positions of the screw with the T Mullion previously installed.

Img 12