Brisbane Diamond Grille Screen Installation

Starline Security provide Brisbane diamond grille screen installation services, with screens made at our in-house workshop to the customer’s specifications. Our team have over 25 years of experience manufacturing and installing security screens and we work closely with our clients to find the best security solution to suit their needs, budget and application.

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Why Choose Diamond Grille Security Screens?

Diamond grille security screens and doors are a popular choice in Brisbane, owing to their cheap, yet effective design.  They can be coupled with virtually any flyscreen you desire and powder-coated in any colour to suit the colour scheme of your home or business.  If a visual deterrent is important to you, diamond grille screens and doors are a fantastic option, especially when coupled with security grade features like a high-security deep pocket frame, heavy duty construction, triple locks, quad hinges, lock guards and door jamb strengthening options. We offer diamond grille screens for use in windows and doors, sliding, fixed and hinged operation.

Insect mesh types available include:

  • Standard fly mesh
  • Sand-fly mesh
  • Paw proof Lite fly mesh
  • Paw proof dog and cat resistant insect mesh
  • UltraVue® by Phifer “invisible” flyscreen
  • Patio & Pool insect mesh
  • Aluminium insect mesh
  • Stainless bushfire zone BAL rated mesh
  • One Way Vision mesh

All diamond grill screens are manufactured in-house using high-quality materials and professional construction throughout. Your new diamond grille screen will be built exactly to your specifications for a perfect fit. Our powder-coating is done locally.  We have 28 standard colours but with almost 300 colours available we are sure there is a powder coat colour suitable. All Colorbond® colours are available as well.  We also often do Diamond Grille in a coloured frame but where the grille is Black.  Ask us about this option.


Understanding Security Screen Grades:

We encourage all our customers to learn the difference between security screen grades when comparing different security screen options. Too often, we’ll see an off-the-shelf screen, which might look fantastic, get completely blown apart by an intruder due to installation problems, an inadequate locking mechanism or poor construction. Visit our page on security screen grades to see how you can get the best value when shopping around for security screens and doors.

Diamond Grille Security Screens

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