BasiX – Brisbane Fall Prevention Screen Mesh Installation

Starline Security is an Acacia Ridge security screen installer, providing fall prevention mesh installation for use on multi-storey structures across South East Queensland. We build to our customer’s exact specifications and have a diverse range of screen products for windows and doors to suit the lifestyle and budget of all our clients. BasiX is a fantastic fall prevention stainless woven mesh screen that we install for residential and commercial applications, including multi-structure developments. We’ve been manufacturing and installing high-quality security screen products for over 25 years – Get in touch with us on to discuss our products and arrange a quote.

Get in touch with us on 07 3272 2974 to arrange an inspection and quote or to discuss our product range. 

Why Choose BasiX?

  • Passes AS5203:2015 fall prevention standards
  • Greater ventilation over other security screen types
  • Highly resistant to scratching or mesh damage from cats and dogs.
  • Matches look of SecureView screens perfectly
  • Strong frame and mesh combination.
  • Available in Safety or Barrier Grades for Window Screens, Hinged and Sliding Doors.
  • Budget-friendly
  • 7-Year Warranty

Budget-Friendly Fall Protection Mesh:

BasiX is our best option for compliance with the child fall from height building code.  BasiX is a mesh designed to hold up to falls and most impacts.  This makes it the perfect budget-friendly solution for second-storey window legal compliance, removal of all window opening restrictor types and allowing full ventilation and excellent visibility.

BasiX mesh looks very similar to SecureView screens but provides more ventilation, owing to its 0.7mm 316 stainless-steel marine-grade woven mesh. As a strong security screen usually isn’t necessary above the first storey, BasiX can drastically cut the cost of security screen installation on multi-storey homes. Greater ventilation is usually needed on higher storeys, which is another reason to choose BasiX mesh over a security screen mesh options. Further, your view won’t be impeded like it would with an Xceed or other types of security screens.

BasiX for Builders:

It’s hard to cater to the unique tastes of your individual clients, especially if you’re building houses that haven’t even been sold yet. To accommodate for this, we can put together a number of screen packages for your clients to choose from. BasiX screens are a fantastic option to reduce the cost of security screen installations on multi-storey houses, but we can also put together some quotes for other screens, like SecureView, Xceed and Diamond Grill as well. Commissioned quotes and bulk order discounts are available for our builders as well. Visit our builders page for more information.

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Fall Prevention Mesh Installation

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